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Representations on Bishops Tachbrook Area Designation - Bishops Tachbrook Neighbourhood Area Designation

Representation ID: 48013

OBJECT A C Lloyd Homes Ltd. and Midlands Land Portfolio Ltd. represented by Framptons (Greg Mitchell)


Land at Grove Farm and former Sewage Works, South of Harbury Lane should be omitted from the Neighbourhood Area.

The Parish Council's Neighbourhood Area application statement and expectations are inconsistent with an appropriate strategy for the district and the NPPF and it may attempt to prejudge the outcome of the Local Plan.

There are key strategic issues in terms of level and location of growth that still need to be properly assessed.

Justification for including the whole parish is not clear.

Any proposals by the Parish Council to pursue a Neighbourhood Plan are premature.

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Representation ID: 48006

OBJECT Barwood (Mr Sam Dorrian)


The Preferred Options development site known as 'South of Gallows Hill/West of Europa Way' should be omitted from the Neighbourhood Area.
The land in question is to meet the whole district and not a matter for the NP.
Progress on the NP should not be at the expense of the wider debate about expansion of the District.
Cites experience of Dawlish NP where conflicts with emerging Core Strategy meant the NP was found unsound.
May raise unrealistic expectations about the NP dealing with a strategic site.
Any proposal in NP for the area would be subservient to Local Plan proposals.

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Representation ID: 47923

SUPPORT Mr Brian Lewis represented by Stansgate Planning LLP (Miranda Rogers)


Supports the approach to the boundary area.
Plan should accord with emerging Local Plan and allocate sufficient development land to help meet the overall requirements of the District.
Mr Lewis of Hill Farm, Banbury Road, would welcome the opportunity to participate in the process.

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Representation ID: 47921

SUPPORT Health and Safety Executive (Mr Gerry Adderley)


Within in the Neighbourhood Area there is a major accident hazard pipeline operated by National Grid. HSE should be consulted over any relevant developments which lie within 210 metres either side of this pipeline.

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Representation ID: 47920

SUPPORT Environment Agency (Becky Clarke)


We have no objection or comment to make to the proposed plan area, but look forward to receiving further consultation as the area plan is formulated.

[View Our Response]

More details about Rep ID: 47920

Representation ID: 47917

SUPPORT The Coal Authority (Miss Rachael A. Bust)


Outside of currently defined coalfield, therefore no specific comments.

More details about Rep ID: 47917

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